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Private Jet Skids Off Runway at Albrook Airport

Private Jet Skids Off Runway at Albrook Airport

A private Bombardier twin-engine jet skidded off runway while landing at the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport at Albrook in Panama City on Monday, forcing the authorities to divert all incoming flights to the nearby Panama Pacifico airport.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), three crew members and one passenger aboard the private jet were unharmed. Operations at the Albrook airport have been suspended, and incoming flights diverted to the Panama Pacifico International Airport at Howard, as airport workers attempt to extricate the jet.

Image shows airport workers attempting extricate a Bombardier jet that skidded off the runway while landing at Albrook airport in Panama City.

Bombardier Challenger 300 Skids Off Runway at Albrook

Panamanian authorities attempt to extricate a private Bombardier jet that skidded off the runway at Albrook airport. (Image Courtesy: Panamanian Civil Aviation Authority.)

The incident occurred at 11:15 a.m. local time shortly after the Bombardier touched down on runway 36. Photos of the incident appear to show the jet stuck in grass to the east of, and about halfway down, the 5,900-foot runway.

One photo shows the landing gear stuck in mud and grass. The CAA said it was trying to get the jet back on the runway and resume normal operations.

Panamanian authorities did not identify the owners or the passenger on the private aircraft. But the tail number (N303CZ) identfies the aircraft as a Bombardier model BD-100-1A10, better known as the Challenger 300. Records show the plane is registered in Delaware anonymously.

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